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CLAIRA HERMET "My Life Your Hands", on WE COOKIN'.

Celebrity Globetrotter, Claira Hermet on We Cookin' at White Sands Cottage, Blue Lagoon.


Although I have been somewhat delinquent in posting an update for We Cookin' on this blog; am wishing a very special New Year 2016 to all our family, fans, friends, sponsors, and supporters of the televised program. Grateful that We Cookin' is about to reach it's 6th year of production in 2016. As I have always maintained, our program is a work in progress. In this Raspect, we always welcome your contributions, expertise, and constructive critique of the program.  While we are preparing to film another new season for 2016, Carib Vision, will be airing our Vintage We Cookin' episodes. 
The Schedule is still the same airing the following days and time: 

Premiere of each episode - 
Tues - 7:30 p.m.

Wed  - 5: 00 a.m. & 11:30 a.m.
Fri. 11:30 a.m.
Sat. 8:00 a.m.

We hope you will continue to tune in. I am posting tonight the following pics and an excerpt of a post I made last week on Facebook page regarding Claira Hermet, a most remarkable wombman, to link with We Cookin' Eclectic Vincy Cuisine. 

mango chow, fried green plaintains

breadfruit salade & Claira's version of my Calaloo & Pumpkin. 

Royal Feasting

Delicious 3 fruit Dessert

Life is Good! #grateful
Had to take this moment to share the most AMAZING past week of my life as Goddess Living the Human Experience. If the saying that "...a picture says a thousand words..." is true; then these pics will basically describe what last week was like for me. Am so thankful for the Divine Forces in my life. However challenged I may be, by the mundane world at times; the Iniverse has a way of easing the pain and clearing the path to joy and tranquility in my life. Two important events worth noting here.
The first being the cosmic connection with Claira Hermet , a brilliant, courageous and creative artist, who is traveling the globe; making very real human connections as she documents her journey through this blog "My Life Your Hands" Check this link to her blog.
We met through a mutual friend Sophie Goddard, atWhiteSands CottagesClaira, a Vegan, was interested in preparing one of the recipes from We Cookin'. I was thrilled to learn that someone visiting St. Vincent, read my "We Cookbook " and wanted to try my recipes. Usually, the culinary artists appearing on We Cookin', comes with their own recipes they want featured. If I recall clearly Sasha King was the first to do her variation of my Bouillon, when I filmed in New York last year. Now, Claira will be my first for SVG using one of my recipes.
Let me tell you how the day was spent with her. It was like being with a younger sister, friend, daughter, mentor and therapist all in one. For reasons beyond my control, I could not have We Cookin' videographer Silbert IceKid Defreitas film that day. Fortunately, Claira and I both have cameras; so we went ahead into production, each using our respective equipment
. The first thing i got from Claira was when all else fails, Google; and if that doesn't work, be patient and try using my own brain and hands again. Next, from our conversations throughout the day, I realized that I have to make a greater effort at not being so judgemental; and to be more tolerant of those who are, cause I have been down that road many times, and slowly finding a clear path out. Overall, the time spent withClaira culminated in a feast, which was ready to be shared with Sophie, and her Princess "Irie" Ira. Claira prepared her version of my "JAMAICAN CALALOO/AYISIEN ZEPINA WITH PUMPKIN" p28-29 of "WE COOKBOOK: EASY & HEALTHY ECLECTIC VINCY RECIPES VOL, I" Sold in SVG at Gaymes Books & Jujube Book Stores, Doc Adams at Cruise Ship Terminal.
Since she could not find enough (Amaranth) Jamaican Calaloo, she used the local Vincy Calaloo as a substitute, and she added shallots instead of cives. We were just improvising with my recipes cause some ingredients listed in the cookbook were missing. For example, i did not have beets for my "BOUNTIFUL BREADFRUIT SALADE" p8-9; but Claira added chopped tomatoes and I made a Balsamic dressing. We had the palate bursting with different delicious flavors. I taughtClaira, how to fry roast breadfruit and to make "Banan Pézé" which is the Ayisien version of "Tostones" or fried green plantains. We used our not so ripe mangoes to make a "Mango Chow", also used the ripe ones, combined with ripe paw paw and passion fruit to make a delightful fruit salad, served with coconut cream topped with molasses. We all agreed that preparing, sharing and eating food together can be a great way to bring balance, harmony and Inity, across communities that are already polarized by class, ethnicity, gender, race, religion, politricks, or whatever conditions existing that makes humans sometimes so miserably unhappy. About last Tuesday, It was a culinary love feast, heartfelt thanks to Sophie, "irie" Ira of WhiteSands Cottages, & "My Life Your Hands" Claira Hermet "; for making We Cookin' a part of their day. #Grateful
Thanking, artists/musicians Skinny Fabulous and Rodney Small for this brilliant chune am singing "...This island is mine..." May this day bring in a most blissfully creative, fruitful, joyful and productive week. #DivineLove #DivineOrder#KingdomMindSet #AyitiYurumein #AncestralHome#GoodOverevil #mindingmybusiness #wecookin #supportlocal#eatlocal #buylocal

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