Monday, 2 May 2016


Greetings to All We Cookin' family, fans, friends, sponsors, supporters, viewers. Posting another episode from Season 5. This post is in honor ofChef Ambrose one of the fiercest culinary artist, to grace the set on We Cookin' Eclectic Vincy Cuisine. Just a reminder that although i don't post much on our fb page; we are still working to bring you our 6th year Anniversary Season. We are currently on an international tour, seeking fresh talent, location, and new sponsors for our new Season of We Cookin' Eclectic Vincy Cuisine; which Premieres on Caribvision in October 2016. Till then, those of you who have access to Caribvision's 22 Caribbean Stations, 3 US Stations, 1 UK and 1 Canadian station featuring We Cookin'; continue watching the vintage episodes of We Cookin' airing on Caribvision. For those without access, we share these on YouTube, for your viewing pleasure. Do take time to view, share, and tell us your thoughts on the program. We appreshelove your constructive critique. These are the links for the vintage episodes now on You Tube, for our fans who have no access to CaribVision. Look forward to delivering those fresh new episodes celebrating We Cookin's 6th year Anniversary in October 2016. Thanks for your continued support.

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