Sunday, 6 November 2016



Blessed love to all  family, fans, friends, sponsors, supporters and viewers of We Cookin' Eclectic Vincy Cuisine. We have been for the past 6 months traveling outside of St. Vincent & the Grenadines; in search of new locations, markets and sponsors for We Cookin'. We take this moment to share and update you of our progress. This October, marked the 6th year of airing We Cookin' in St. Vincent & the Grenadines. Thanks to Caribvision, we have for the past 3 years been aired and continue to be viewed on 22 Caribbean stations, 3 US, 1 Canadian and 1 UK station. Due to this great exposure, and continued support of our family, fans, friends, and viewer; We Cookin' has recently received an innaugural award from The Vincentian Association of Artists, Writers and Producers Inc. ; as the "Best Local Television Series, of any-kind, Drama, Comedy, Game, Cuisine and Culinary, Travel, Learning and Entertainment". What a great honor this is for us, as it would not have been possible without the support of Our Creator, and all of you who love We Cookin' Eclectic Vincy Cuisine.

Wherever We trod, We Cookin' gains another fan and supporter. Much thanks to our new colleague Mr. Ron Williams, for his recent purchase of We Cookbook: Easy, Healthy Eclectic Vincy Recipes. If you have not gotten your copy, they are still available on
We would like you to know that Wondo Ghenet, is working everyday to make We Cookin' the International Brand you would love to support. Currently in the state of Washington, working and learning how to link the best culinary artists, sponsors and supporters, to our lovely Caribbean islands and their diverse cultural treasures. While we have not yet produced a new season of We Cookin' for 2016, we are looking forward to doing so by our 7th year Anniversary in  2017. Till such time, we hope you will continue to stay tuned on Caribvision, where we air on Tuesday 7:30 PM EST, Wednesdays 5:00 AM, & 11:30 AM EST, Fridays 12 Noon EST, & Saturdays 8 AM EST. We hope you will tune in as always. 
For our fans without access to Caribvision, We Cookin' Vintage episodes are also on YouTube. Here are some of the links to your favorite episodes of We Cookin' :,
Finally, would love to introduce two other colleagues, fans, and supporters of We Cookin' Eclectic Vincy Cuisine. 
Young, Brilliant and Gifted Chef Cortland Eiland; a fan and supporter, one of my current teachers and soon to be a featured culinary artist on We Cookin' International in 2017

Surrounded by Greatness. Soaking up the love and inspiration from two Brilliant young Chefs, to my right Right Chef Royce Brown, and my left Chef Cortland Eiland. Bringing the best in the culinary trade to We Cookin' audience in 2017. Stay Tuned for WE COOKIN' INTERNATIONAL 2017.

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